About Us

The purpose of the There’s That Smile Foundation is to equip police cars with toy and book bundles so that responding officers may give them to children who are witnesses or victims of domestic violence or any other instance where police are involved. Our hope is that it will bring the officers and children together and will bring the children comfort and a smile during a time of distress.

IMG_1126We are exclusively using the books and stuffed animals from the Kohl’s Cares line of Kohl’s department stores. A major reason for this is that 100% of the net profit from the sales of these items are donated to support children’s initiatives in communities nationwide. Additionally, the Kohl’s Cash earned through the purchase of book and stuffed animal bundles is used to buy towels and linens for S.A.F.E. Place. Because of this, by donating to the There’s That Smile Foundation, you are ultimately benefiting three charities. These items are also easily accessible, located by the checkout lanes in stores as well as via the “Community” tab at Kohls.com. And finally, many of these children have never had a new toy or book and we would love to be able to offer that to them.

IMG_1125The current cost per bundle is $15.00 and covers one child. Each bundle includes one stuffed animal and one book wrapped in a blue ribbon to symbolize the Thin Blue Line with a heart tag that says There’s That Smile. These bundles are matching pairs, which allows each child to read the book while holding the character in their arms.