Board of Directors

beth profile
Beth Thayer
President & Founder

I am an Interior Designer for the United States Lumber Company and a proud LEO wife, sister, sister-in-law, and daughter. My husband is a corporal for BCPD and I’m a lucky mama to two beautiful boys. My passion for this foundation and what it means to me runs from deep within me. I created this foundation with the hopes to make children’s and officer’s days better and to make them smile. I’m wanting to make a positive impact in our community with this program and I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who support it.

Danielle Engelhardt
Secretary & Treasurer

I am a graphic designer and owner of a luxury event stationary company. My brother is an officer for BCPD and I have two beautifully rambunctious boys of my own. I’m honored to be a part of this foundation and to have the opportunity to help bring communities together by brightening the days of children and officers, alike.

Stephanie Estree

I am an 18 year police veteran and have been a detective for the past 6 years. I am currently assigned to the Fusion Center and not only handle criminal cases but handle community relations for the department. I have three children of my own and am very passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves.

Jana (Lawson) Wallace

I am the proud mom of two wonderful boys and I’m a board member for the There’s That Smile Foundation. This non-profit is special to me for many reasons. I’ve always felt that children are our future, which is why I have worked in one of our community’s birth centers for over 15 years. I’m hoping with this foundation, we as a community can make a bigger impact on these children’s lives.

Dyan Woolman

I’m a RN at Bronson Battle Creek and work in the post anesthesia care unit. I’m also a LEO wife, as my husband is a detective for BCPD, and a proud mama to a beautiful four year old daughter. I love this foundation because it symbolizes the compassion our officers show for the children in our community and their willingness to make sure a child feels safe and secure.